7 Habits of Happy People

by Jess & Kristi | Life, Mindfulness

Jan 13, 2017 0 comments

We all have that extra-jolly friend or family-member. It seems like nothing can faze their day or kill their vibe. They spread joy everywhere they go, and find the positive out of the worst situations. It’s wonderful to see.

How can someone be so happy all the time? It turns out happy people have very similar habits; habits that can change your attitude and brighten your day.

  1. Wake Up in The Morning

We all love to sleep in, but waking up early morning just starts the day off right. You have the full day ahead of you, and you can eventually create your own little slow-paced routine, before others are even awake. Early mornings are perfect to spend relaxing time with yourself, and mentally prepare for the day.

If you create a habit of waking up early, it’ll become a lot easier to do so.

  1. Accomplish Something on a Daily Basis

Accomplish something today! Anything! Finish painting the extra bedroom, buy your best-friend’s birthday gift, pay a bill in advance… Whatever it is, check something off your to-do list.

It creates a sense of accomplishment that can’t help but put a smile on your face!

  1. Eat Well & Exercise

Happy people take care of themselves, and what better way to do so than workout and eat well. Be good to your body, and it’ll be good to you, right? Right!

Some food’s properties straight up boost your happiness levels (ex. Dark chocolate improves the blood flow to your brain, helping you feel more vibrant and energized). Past research even suggests that there’s a direct link between B vitamins—found in spinach, Brussels sprouts, and oranges—and serotonin production: a chemical in your brain that helps produce your happy mood.  

As for exercising, even the smallest amounts of exercise are proven to boost your happy meter. While working out releases dopamine in your brain (another “happy chemical“, let’s call them), exercise is also a great way to reduce stress, and boost your energy instantly. Over a while, you’ll feel better in your own skin and this will boost your confidence.

  1. Accept and Move On

Instead of dwelling on the past, like most do, happy people learn how to accept what they can’t control. It’s important to do so. It clears your mind and won’t waste your energy and brain power on things you can’t understand or change. Just accept, and move on!

  1. Try to Be Happy

Yep, as strange as it sounds, trying to be happy makes for most of happiness. It can be rough for some, but choosing to see the glass as half full can forcefully change your perception on things. Instead of laying out all the problem, list the benefits and look behind why something happened.

Kind of like trying to fool your mind into being positive.

  1. Healthy Surrounding

Having a healthy surrounding of loving people is at the heart of happiness. Having caring people and helping hands close creates a sense of security…

  1. Make Changes!

When unhappy people aren’t fond of their jobs, let’s say, they’ll go in every morning at 8:30 am, sit at their desks with a blank stare, survive through the day, and complain about it as soon as they’re out the door at 4:30 pm. If a happy person is not satisfied with their job, they get up and look for a new one!

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