The Difference Between Weight Loss & Shape-Shifting

by Tessie Tracy | Fitness, Guest Posts, Life, Mindfulness, Weight Loss

Feb 13, 2017 0 comments

By Tessie Tracy, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Depravation Disaster to Self-Accepting Master

by Jess & Kristi | testimonials, Transformations

Feb 06, 2017 0 comments

"I think I have been on and off diets pretty much my entire adult life." Diets, deprivation, and being "skinny" has been the topic of society now for years, and one thing stays consistent....they leave you worse off than when you start them every single time. For example, when was the last time you went on a diet and a year later said to yourself, "Wow, I am so incredibly happy with my body and cannot wait to see what the next year brings for me." Insert "cricket noise." We are here...

Over Committed Mother to Radiant Real Food Lover

by Jess & Kristi | testimonials, Transformations

Feb 05, 2017 0 comments

"...and I feel really good!" Are you able to say that in your life right now? Are you able to wake up and feel like you can fly out of bed most days? It may seem for-fetched, but all it takes to achieve that is a couple simple tweaks in your daily life. Today, Anna shares her secrets to living a radiant life fueled by real food eating and making time and space for her own self-care. We sure hope you can use this "wake-up call" and allow yourself this same feeling day in and day out ...