7 Gift Ideas for the Health Nut in Your Life

by Jess & Kristi | Holiday, Life

Dec 13, 2016 0 comments

Sometimes it’s difficult to track down the perfect gift for that health-conscious person in your life. Either it seems like they already have everything they need, or you’re just not sure what to get.

Cosmic Cranberry Cooler Holiday Smoothie

by Jess & Kristi | Food, Holiday, Smoothie, Weight Loss

Nov 16, 2016 3 comments

The holidays are already here and time is absolutely flying by! Usually, this is the time where people "fall off the wagon" when it comes to eating healthy and stress is at an all time high. Between parties, events, travel, and endless cakes and cookies,

Top 3 Tips For Keeping In Shape Over The Holidays!

by Keely Majewski | Events, Fitness, Holiday, Life, Winter Season

Nov 11, 2016 0 comments

Via Albany Veg Fest There is such a thing as enjoying holiday indulgence without slacking on your healthy lifestyle and habits! When you think of the holiday season, there's probably a rush of images that flood your mind, family feasts, gift shopping, decorating, sweets, and fresh baked goods. Your holiday season can still encomp...