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Apr 08, 2016 0 comments

We had to interrupt REVITA5 TV this week to launch our newest baby, that you NEED to hear about. So, keep reading…

If we hear about another cleanse or detox that forces only soups or juices for extended period of time, we may scream! Now, we aren’t saying that cleanses and detoxes are bad, they are simply not for people beginning to clean up their lifestyle for the long haul. Here in REVITA5, we aim to teach you how to transform your body + REVITALIZE your life forever. That may seem like a huge undertaking on our part, but the good news is, it’s super simple and easier than you think.

Attaining a lifestyle change for the long run includes real food eating, intuitive movement, and a ton of self-love! That’s it!

At this point you are probably thinking…but ladies, I have no idea how to do that. Meal planning takes forever, I don’t have time to workout, and I put myself last when it comes to taking care of myself.

Introducing the Beautiful Body Reboot! It’s a 5-Day plan and event of peeps just like you who want to reboot their bodies, revamp their pantry, renew their life! It only takes 5 days to see the shifts you must make in order to achieve this. It is not a deprivation diet, quick fix, or some scam that promises 40 pounds of weight loss tomorrow. It’s a step-by-step map full equipped with Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists (full of ingredients you can actually find in your grocery store), Workout Calendar, Meditations, and MORE!

Plus, it’s our BIGGEST FREE GIFT YET, and we cannot promise it will be free forever! You’ll likely see it for sale down the road, so get in while it’s complimentary and badass timing on your part!

And yes, full disclosure, this is like a mini REVITA5 Food + Fitness Challenge, and if you want to go ahead and get your butt on the waiting list for that please do so. The next Group Challenge is kicking off SOON, and we don’t want you to miss out. So, think of the Beautiful Body Reboot as your warm up for the BIG EVENT. Clear?

What people are saying about the Beautiful Body Reboot…

“Got my blueberries and ready to go! The shopping only cost me $65 for all 5 days?”

“Workout calendar, check, don’t worry Kristi I already posted it to the fridge and off to spin class on my GO BIG DAY!”

“This couldn’t have come at a better time, I’ve been trying to quit diet coke for years!”


We know that YOU have the power to transform your body + REVITALIZE your life, and NOTHING will hold you back! Let’s do this!!

Are YOU IN? Tell us in the comments below!

and so it is…


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