Tips on Choosing the Right New Year’s Resolution

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Dec 20, 2016 0 comments

Every January 1st, we declare a new beginning and we plan to become our better selves. We want to get in shape, eat healthy, quit smoking, travel, get that promotion, so on… we want to do it all!
But then, life gets in the way. School starts again, we all get back to work, it’s freezing outside, you end up at sports practices and tournaments twice a week and a few weekends here and there, you’re continually out and about, and it kicks in… that “meh” feeling. That gradual mood switch, where we go from extremely motivated to ending up forgetting about the whole thing by February.

Here’s where properly choosing your New Year’s Resolution comes in to play. These tips will help you plan the RIGHT New Year Resolution and help you accomplish your 2017’s goals.

1.         DO YOU, BOO!

This happens often: people opt for the “Get healthy” resolution, well because that’s just what a New Year’s Resolution is… right? Even though what they truly want could be anything from starting their own business, or maybe even just to stop eating chips every night before going to bed.

You don’t have to go with the trend! Choose a New Years Resolution you’re passionate with; that will make it a lot easier to stay on track and will make you feel accomplished when you succeed.

2.         BE SPECIFIC

Getting “healthy”, or getting “fit” sounds great. But it also sounds a lot like an “I’m not really going to do that” type of resolution.

Get specific! If you want to get fit, how about setting a goal like this instead: “I want to take at least 4 30-minutes walks with my dog every week.” It’s a specific goal that will help you achieve your long-term goal of being fit. Being specific also allows to conquer the overwhelming feeling that comes with changing your entire lifestyle.


If you’re out to re-vamp your eating habits, let’s say, break down your New Years Resolution periodically.
Allow us to explain, you could start by cutting out your midnight snack from your routine. Once you feel you’ve successfully done so, add a second goal! Maybe for step two you want to reduce your caffeine intake? Then, make your goal to gradually cut down to one coffee a day! This breaks down your ultimate goal of eating healthy. And once you’ve checked the midnight snacks and coffee off your list, you’ll feel unstoppable and ready to attack your third goal.

It’s known to take approximately 21 days to implement a new habit. Imagine how much progress towards developing healthy eating habits you could do in a whole year!


If you want to lose weight, don’t drastically reduce your intake of calories and spend tons on ingredients and a gym membership you might actually never use. Want to learn how to cook? Buy yourself a recipe book before you redo your kitchen!

Jumping in too quickly often ends up just creating an overwhelming feeling which it totally un-motivational; it kills your vibe. Take time and research the right approach for you and make steps accordingly.

5.         GO PUBLIC

When you tell people about something you will do, especially family and friends, you’re automatically held accountable for it. They will remind you of anything you said you would do!

This gives you an extra incentive and deliver on your promise. You know, walk the talk!


The most important of it all is to take action on it! Even the smallest steps are progress towards your goal. And remember, don’t feel bad for that day you totally ignored your resolution, feel proud for those 6 days you rocked it Never let little set backs bring your mood down.

Take it one step at a time, and see your New Year Resolution as a self-improvement goal, not a task!

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