Tips to De-Clutter Your Mind

by Jess & Kristi | Mindfulness

Jan 09, 2017 0 comments

Do we all agree that 2016 was… exhausting? Hopefully, as an individual, you had a great year and accomplished a few goals, achieved a milestone or maybe conquered a fear. But, it seems like the world just had enough of 2016.

Now it’s time to leave it behind and welcome the new year. The best way to start 2017 is with a fresh state of mind to make way for the new & improved.

De-clutter your emails

Take a good 20-30 minutes of a free afternoon and press that delete button on those email you don’t need. Then, empty your junk and your trash. A whole year of promotions, spam emails and giveaways are sitting in your Inbox and keeping you from focusing on what’s important.

Unfollow and Unsubscribe

In the same spirit, unsubscribe from any newsletter you’re not interested in anymore. After, move over to your social media accounts and unfollow the negative pages that storm through your feed, the people you don’t know, and the many pages who haven’t posted in years. You’ll be surprised how many there are.

Remove as much negativity and unnecessary clutter from your daily life.

Check the little things off your to-do list

Maybe you put small tasks on the back burner due to your busy life. You know, little thing like hanging up that frame that’s been sitting on your desk for 3+ months or cleaning out your pantry.

Avoiding to just get it done and over with creates a lingering to-do list and, no matter how much you accomplish in your packed day, you’ll always feel like there’s still a billion things to do.

Re-organize and move furniture around

Embrace the new year with a fresh perspective on your every day living area. Re-organization is a great way to reduce stress and make the unmanageable seem suddenly doable. Re-organize your workspace and clean out your files.

At home, move furniture around or re-decor your living space. Give a little “humph” to your surroundings.

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