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Oct 01, 2015 0 comments

TRIBE! What a wonderful week over here in REVITA5! We are on Week 3 of our Fall Challenge (you can still join us!), Kristi is traveling in Mexico, and we have an event this weekend to raise awareness and funds for Ryan’s Reach! So much love in the air.

With events and travel comes a change in direction with food and movement – thanking the sky above that we are not a calorie counting Challenge so we can understand our bodies needs based on how we feel and not what we count! Did you know all calories are not created equal, and the calorie myth is still very alive and well!

This week’s episode dives in to why a calorie isn’t just a calorie!

Click below to watch and share!

Now, it’s time to put that information into ACTION!

Are you ready to give up calorie counting? Tell us in the comments below!

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and so it is…


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